Servo Hydraulic Automatic UTM

SECTRO has recently acquired one of the latest State-of-art Servo hydraulic machines. This machine with loading and motor driving system has a rugged four column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity. This computer controlled servo hydraulic universal testing machine can execute the tension, compression, and bending, shearing etc. test for metal materials.
This has a hydraulic gripping system and can be used for check in HTS wire strands. The system has various control modes, such as uniform speed testing load, uniform speed deformation, uniform speed displacement, load holding, displacement holding, etc. which are not available in ordinary machines.


The machine has an operating range from 0 to 500KN and maintains an accuracy of +1% of the displayed load from 1% to 100% of capacity.

Key Features

  • bulletAdvanced servo-hydraulic valve. with excellent pollution-resistance and high accuracy.
  • bullet Special hydraulic loop to improve greatly returning rate of upper jaw and save testing time.


  • bulletTensile, Compressive, Flexural Stress-Strain Data
  • bulletPoisson's Ratio
  • bulletYoung's Modulus, Shear Modulus
  • bulletElevated & Cryogenic Temperatures
  • bulletTensile, Compressive, And Flex
  • bulletRate Dependence of Materials
  • bulletFatigue (Tensile)
  • bulletShear, Peel, Tear and other tests of nonmetallic materials with servo valve control