Tube Inspection- ECT, RFET, LFET, NFT & IRIS

Tube Inspection- ECT, RFET, LFET, NFT Eddy current testing is used for the non ferrous tubes. This method is based on the electromagnetism principle. Conventional eddy current testing utilises electromagnetic induction for detecting the discontinuities in conductive materials. Other advance technique that are used for tube inspection are RFET , LFET& NFT. Internal Rotating Inspection system (IRIS) can be used for both ferrous and non ferrous tubes and it is an ultrasonic method.

Storage Tank Inspection: MFL & Shell Inspection

Magnetic flux leakage principle is used for the inspection of tank bottom plates. The tank floor equipment uses sensors to detect the leakage field due to corrosion, pitting, wall loss and will be recorded in the system connected to Sensors.
MFL is generally used for the in-service inspection of tank plates, pipeline corrosion monitoring. It is rapid than other corrosion mapping techniques and also produces better result. The dimensions of the defects can be determined with the help of this technology as this system uses encoders, software’s to track and record the data.