Noise Pollution Survey

Pollution being the most threatfull issue is expanding its adverse effects day-by-day. Pollution whether related to air, soil, water or noise have been caused due of Industrialization and Urbanization and all are equally dangerous. The exhaust from refineries, disposing waste into the water bodies, loud noise of machines and automobiles, all are the sources of pollution. The consequences of pollution are diverse thus it needs to be treated before it starts showing its effects.

Noise pollution caused by weak Urban Planning leads to a number of hearing impairments, cardiovascular effects, stress, tension, blood pressure, loss of concentration in work, damages to buildings and infrastructure and various others. Talking about Noise pollution, it is a sound that is annoying or difficult to bear and does not suit our ears.

Sources of Noise Pollution are many; some of them include air craft’s noise, traffic noise, construction noise, industrial noise, etc.

Environmental Laws related to Noise Pollution

For controlling the level of Noise Pollution, the Government is taking initiatives and has implemented Rules for the same. The Noise Pollution Rules 2000, is implemented to control the increasing level of noise pollution and its provisions are:

  • bulletThe ambient air quality standards with respect to noise for different areas are specified.
  • bulletThe State Government has the authority to categorize the areas as the residential, commercial or industrial.
  • bulletThe State Government can take steps for abatements of noise and ensures that the level of noise should not cross the ambient air quality standards which are specified under these rules.
  • bulletLoud speakers should not be used without obtaining a permission in written from the authorities and their use can not be made before 6 am and after 10 pm.
  • bullet100 m area around hospitals, educational institutes and courts are declared as silent.
  • bulletA person violating the laws or provisions or causing noise in a particular area is liable for getting punished

Spectro takes good care of the rules to be followed and provide services for inspection of Noise Pollution. There are various codes mentioned in the BIS books for Noise Pollution. We carry out Surveys for Noise Pollution according to the protocols specified by National and International Standards like IS, MoEF, etc. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has set regulations for the damage risk criteria for hearing losses under which details for maximum allowableduration per day with respect to sound pressure level is specified. 115 dB (A) is the maximum exposure limit that is permitted.

Facilities provided by us:

  • bulletCarrying out the surveys for Noise Pollution at indoor and outdoor premises of the site.
  • bulletRecommends corrective actions to lower the noise on the basis of survey conducted.
  • bulletIdentify the High Noise Area in and around a particular Site
  • bulletIdentify the location that is contributing to high noise and monitor the time weighted average
  • bulletProvide support for controlling the Noise to comply the specified Standards.
  • bulletNoise Data Mapping Services

Time frame depending upon the severity of the Project: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months