Spectro News

16-Nov-2017 Spectro Analytical Labs acquired by Eurofins - Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), a global leader in bioanalytical testing, announces that it has acquired Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd.
July-2016 Spectro Achieved NABL for Fire Testing - We feel proud to become the foremost Indian lab to achieve NABL accreditation in the field of Mechanical Testing for Fire Testing.
Feb-2016 Forensic Services - A step towards pure investigation:-Spectro Analytical Lab Ltd, is providing forensic services in physical and chemical domains of forensic science with the mission of objective, effective and reliable investigations.
Oct-2015 Spectro launches Fire Safety Testing Facilities:-Spectro has started performing fire testing for large scale building products, surface burning characteristics, small-scale flammability and flammability testing of furniture or other consumer goods for both residential and commercial markets.
May-2015 Spectro completes 20 Years of Creative Excellence
SLE Participating in the 21st IEFT 2015:- 21st International Engineering & Technology Fair (IEFT 2015), a flagship event is being organized by Confederation of India Industry (CII) from 26th to 28th February 2015. Spectro Lab Equipment Pvt. Ltd. invites you to grab the opportunity and share your requirement with us. The aim is to demonstrate our measurement solutions along with their applications in various fields. Our venue will be Hall No. 14, Booth No. 30, Pragati Maidan.
One more feather in our cap: BIS for Safety Testing of Electrical & Electronic Products
CTOD Test: Another Extension in Our Scope
Crack-Tip Opening Displacement Test is carried out to test the Fracture toughness in order to check whether a material is fit for tough working conditions or not. It measures the deformation before undergoing failure in a pre-cracked sample.
Spectro: Certified for RLA Studies
Spectro has always kept itself on a platform of constantly multiplying its scope of services in diversified fields. We have ascended the next step of success by achieving one of the most prominent approvals from Central Boilers Board. We are a certified Remnant Life Assessment Organization and also a well known Material Testing Laboratory.
SEM: Another Triumph by Spectro
Spectro has added another advancement in its scope. We have procured the most sophisticated tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope; Hitachi TM3000, which has wide range of magnification i.e. 15x to 30,000x. SEM is employed for elemental analysis, identifying chemical and physical defects as well as the surface features. We have escalated a step further to test an immense array of Metals, Ceramics, Composite Materials, Glass, Fibers, Polymers, Electronic Materials and various other materials. Scanning Electron Microscope
Oct-2014 Jaipur Branch Achieved NABL Accreditation Spectro Group of Companies has achieved another milestone, our Testing and Research Centre at Jaipur has received the prestigious NABL accreditation for the unmatched range of Chemical and Mechanical Testing.
Oct-2014 Joint Venture of Spectro Group with Shyam Group The odyssey of expanding verticals in analytical business has led Spectro Group of Companies (New Delhi) to start a new Joint Venture, Spectro Shyam Labs (P) Ltd. with Shyam Group of Industries in Kolkata.
June-2014 Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. is now NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories), accredited in the field of Electrical and Electronics Testing at State of Art Laboratory, Greater Noida.
April-2014 Spectro started up with their Testing and Training Activities at State of Art Centre in Greater Noida. The Sophisticated Electrical Testing Laboratory has been started with the most advanced technology and unique testing facilities.
April-2014 Spectro has expanded its forte and introduces SPECTRO WELD INSTITUTE, a pioneer training institute for Welder Training, Certification, Welding Inspection and Assured Placement.
April-2014 Spectro has introduced Analysis through X-Ray Diffraction Techniques (XRD). We have procured the advanced instrument to conduct the routine analysis and for other unique Studies.
April-2014 Spectro has recently upgraded the Technology by procuring the most advanced instruments from AGILENT like ICP-MS, GC-MS (Q/QQQ) etc.
Oct-2013 “Spectro introduces Gamma Radiography using Se-75”
Gamma Radiography has been used for NDT Inspection of remote locations. The method makes use
of Ir-192, Co-60 & similar sources were used for applications such as weld inspections, plants.
Sep-2013 Get Trained @ Spectro Weld Institute
“To practice what has been preached” .With this motto in our minds, SPECTRO provides excellent short-term courses, full time Training programs making the trainees competent to enter the Profession of Welding and Welding Inspection.
Aug-2013 SPECTRO Introduces Advanced Capsule Training Programmes
With an endeavor to provide hands on practical training to Students, Researchers, Chemists, Lab Analyst, Food Technologist on sophisticated analytical testing instruments, Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd.
With an eye to the future, Spectro introduces specialized Facility Management Services
After developing thorough and diverse expertise in providing accurate and useful services in the field of core business activities for different industries and service sectors, Spectro Group of companies has ventured into the field of providing services to non-core or supporting business activities.
Aug-2012 Spectro has added another key dimension in NDT testing-Thermography
Thermography, or Thermal Imaging, or Thermographic testing is a non-contact, non-invasive, and hence non-destructive testing technique which is used to obtain thermal images of objects. These thermal images, also called thermograms, are colourful images depicting temperature distribution & variation on the surface of the test object.
Ensuring Work-place safety for its employees, Spectro is now OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.
The strength of any organization, which is either into manufacturing different items or providing any kind of services to its customers, depends substantially on its work-force.
June-2012 Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd. has added yet another feather in its cap in the field of providing quality testing, when it recently received an approval and authorization for food testing from ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’ (FSSAI).
Spectro demonstrating recently developed Fully automatic Dust Sampler to 'Mr. J.S Kamyotra', Member Secretary ( CPCB ) & 'Mr. M.A. Patil', Director, Resource Conservation & Management, FICCI
April-2012 Spectro has started third party Clean Room Validation and Monitoring.
April-2012 Spectro has obtained BIS Approval/Recognition for Packaged Drinking and Mineral water tests.
April-2012 Spectro has introduced ‘Cyclic Corrosion Test’ that conforms to International Standards, and is a better accelerated Corrosion test than Salt Spray test.
April-2012 STRESS RELAXATION TEST FOR HTS Wire Started for the first time in North India.
June-2011 Spectro is now equipped with the facility to test Polished Stone Value (PSV ) for Road Materials.
July-2010 SPECTRO is Privileged to be associated with the construction of this important project of Completion of Terminal-3, IGI. We were one of the major contractor involved in the testing and inspection- Civil, NDT & Other Inspection Services for this major Airport.
May-2010 SPECTRO celebrates completion of 15 years since its inception in 1995.
April-24, 10 Specto achieves NABL in calibration of Thermal, mechanical fields of metrology, mass and pressure.
April-2010 It has started Assessment for Toys and Art Materials as per ASTM D4236
  • It has started Diimethyl Fumarate estimation in Leather and Textile Materials.
  • REACH and SVHC Screening has been started .we now undertake Reach Audit services also.
  • General Confirmatory Certification (GCC) for Textile, Hard Goods and Electrical products has been started.
  • Training for Exporter and Manufacturers for CPSIA started.
  • Similarly other training courses started for Textile testing.
April 2010 Spectro Opened a new material testing laboratory in Mumbai
Mar 2010 Spectro equipped with latest LCMS for the analysis of Pesticide Residue/ Vitamins/ Antibiotics/ Carbamates
April 2009 The facility for testing of SEM has been started.
Mar-2009 Spectro provide complete Nutritional Testing facility with reference to the guidelines of Ministry of Health & Family welfare.
Mar-2009 A TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Testing equipment ( Sievers 800) has been commisioned and calibrated. It is capable of analysing TOC as per latest USP requirements which have become mandatory.
Feb-2009 A latest state of art Pile Integrity Test facility has been created for the first time in North India. This high tech instrument is capable of detecting flaws and voids in any type of concrete foundations prior to construction of the superstructure. It may also test piles integral in the structure.
July-2008 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing Facility now available for monitoring in centrally air conditioned Buildings, Call Centers, Offices, Five Star Hotals & Embassy.
July-2008 On-Site Ferrite Measurement in Duplex St. Steel now being regularly conducted in refinary etc. A State of art FISHER Equipment with traceable Standards has been procured.
July-2008 A latest Servo Hydraulic Automatic UTM with hydraulic griping of Capacity 500KN is operational in our Lab. This is the first Machine of this type in any Lab in North India.
May-2008 New XRF-(WDX-Benchtop) Analyzer with auto sampler was installed at Spectro, Delhi. WD is a much superior technology and then ED and gives very accurate results in mineral samples.
Mar-2008 Spectro achieves ISO:14001-2004 Certification.<
Feb-2008 NDT Department upgraded with addition of Digital X-Ray System and Eddy Current test equipment.
Feb-2008 Environmental Endurance facilities like Vibration, Sine, Random & also Bump & Shock Testing now under NABL Scope.
Jan-2008 PMI (Positive Material Identification) available both by XRF and OES methods at our any location in India/Abroad.
Dec 2007 Kanpur Lab gets NABL Accreditation in Chemical and Mechanical for Metals & Textiles.
Dec-2007 Calibration Lab operational in Electro-Technical, Thermal and Mechanical fields. Major Equipments available including Fluke 9100 Calibrator and Dead Weight Testing.
August-07 Spectro starts Clean Room Validation by  1 CFM Laser based particle Monitor.
July-2007 Business Sphere Award for the Best Laboratory of the Year presented to our Managing Director (Mr. Kuldeep Dhingra) by Honorable Governor of Haryana Dr. A. R. Kidwai on  July 26, 2007
June-07 Spectro was Awarded  NDT Maintenance contract by a major Petrochemical Refinery of India.
April-07 Additional fields accredited by NABL- Biological, NDT, Leather and Textiles
Oct-06 Toxicity Test Facilities as per  NCD Approved by RDSO and ICF.
Oct-06 Indoor Monitoring started for Call Centers and others.
Sep-06 ICP Analysis Regularly done for ELV, RoHS, SOC and Hazardous Substances.
Sep-06 Major Projects completed in Environmental Monitoring in North-East part of Country.
Aug-06 PMI-Positive Metal Identification started by XRF and SPARK Spectrometer (X-met 820).
July-06 New Hampden Ageing Ozone Chamber Commissioned.