Metals & Alloys Testing

Spectro provides an outstanding platform for carrying out tests of almost all the recognized elements of the periodic table. Whether the sample is a metal or a non metal or an alloy, we are fully equipped with all the instruments required for its quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. We practice traditional techniques like Wet Chemical Methods and also the instrumentation techniques for studying the prescribed parameters. Our laboratory is well furnished with most reliable and modernized instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Spark OES. These sophisticated instruments offer multi-element analysis and are highly sensitive. We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the first commercial laboratory in India which started the use of Spark Optical Emission Spectroscopy (Spark OES) technique for analyzing the known metals in solidified form. Undoubtedly, we possess the highest proficiency in the whole country to investigate any ferrous, non-ferrous or precious metals.

Spark OES works on a reliable and very powerful technology thus it is the most widely adopted technique in the field of analysis of metals and alloys in solid form. The reason behind its popularity is fast speed, high accuracy, efficiency and precision. It is admirable to use because it does not require any sample dissolution, moreover it provides extremely high sample analysis output i.e. it can analyze 400 to 500 samples in a day.

In order to attain reliable and repeatable results through Spark OES, it is desirable to have significant quantities of the reference material or the sample which covers a broad range of concentrations needed to calibrate the instrument. Spectro owns an extensive range of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) to cover the full spectrum of metals.

The samples which are not susceptible to be analyzed through Spark OES for their elemental composition are analyzed through XRF or ICP-OES. The XRF instrument is used to analyze elements from Sodium to Uranium mentioned in the periodic table whereas, the ICP instrument is used to analyze all the samples that can be analyzed by XRF as well as those elements also which could not be possibly analyzed by other mentioned techniques. All these techniques have provided opportunities to analyze all the rare and precious metals. It is now possible to detect the toxic elements like Hg, Pb, Cd and total Cr in various samples like rubber, plastic, etc. and we can check their compliance with related National and International regulatory authorities.

Available Equipments

  • bulletSpectrometer (OES)-Spectro Max
  • bulletSpectrometer (OES)-Metallab/GNR/Polyvac
  • bulletSpectrometer (XRF-WD)-Rigaku
  • bulletAtomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)-GBC
  • bulletUV-Vis Spectrophotometer-Thermo Electron Corp
  • bulletICP Simultaneous Spectrometer-Varian
  • bulletPortable Spectrometer XRF-X MET-Oxford
  • bulletPortable Spectrometer Arc Met-920-Oxford
  • bulletScanning Electron Microscope- Hitachi