Mechanical Testing Services

Spectro offers an excellent platform for wide range of Mechanical Testing services. We possess a high-class machine workshop for preparing precise test specimens which is the most crucial step and directly affects the ultimate evaluation of results of several mechanical properties. The test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials as per the relevant protocols set by various National and International Standard like IS, BS and ASTM.

The mechanical properties of a material are reflection of their response towards the external forces. To know the performance potential of any material whether it is a raw material or a finished product, it is important to measure their mechanical properties. These properties contribute towards the performance of the material under specified environmental conditions and provide a guidance to make choice as per the requirements. It also tells about the inherited flaws in the designed material.

Spectro is well equipped with all the Mechanical Testing Facilities to provide reproducible, reliable and precise determination of various tests including compressive strength, impact test, tensile strength, bend or re-bend test, hardness tests, weld-ability, flattening test and various other mechanical properties.

Major Equipments we possess:

  • bulletCharpy Impact Tester - ASTM
  • bulletProfile Projector
  • bulletHardness Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell (HBW)
  • bulletTorsion Testing Machine
  • bulletErischen Cupping Test
  • bulletServo Hydraulic Automatic UTM(50 and 100 tonnes)
  • bulletBroaching Type Notch Cutter
  • bulletSurface Roughness Tester
  • bulletPortable Hardness tester
  • bulletCoating Thickness Tester
  • bulletMicro Hardness Tester(10 to 1000 g)
  • bulletCompression Testing Machine(300 tonnes)
  • bulletComputerized UTM (50 and 100 tonnes)

Mechanical Tests we conduct:

  • bulletMicro Hardness Test
  • bulletCrescent, Flattening, Drift, Expanding and Bend Test on Tubes
  • bulletTension Tests on products
  • bulletVickers Hardness Test
  • bulletRockwell Hardness Test
  • bulletShear Strength Test
  • bulletBrinell Hardness Test
  • bulletTensile, Yield Stress/0.2% Proof Stress, Elongation, Reduction in area and Crushing Test
  • bulletCharpy Impact Test-ASTM upto -196°C
  • bulletBend Test, Re-bend Test and Pull- out Test on reinforcement bar
  • bulletRelaxation Test on HTS wire

The results obtained are used for two purposes either for quality control or engineering design and development or construction. We feel proud to be specialized in Proof Stress Test and Tensile Test at elevated temperature.