Food Testing

The quality of food plays a crucial role which is directly concerned with every individual. The food quality gets affected by the internal factors like microbial, chemical, physical and external factors like shape, taste, texture, color, size which must be appropriate to get appreciated in terms of health safety issues. Any form of contamination denies the use of that product to maintain safer medical conditions and nutritional requirements. From the last few decades, the ways to characterize food quality has undergone diverse changes. With the rise of economic standards of people in the world, the demand of production of processed food has caused quality testing of the food products.

Various rules and regulations come to force from time to time regarding food quality parameters. The food we get reaches to us through several supply chains which connects different organizations such as manufacturers, transporters, distributors, retailers, etc. The food safety issues can enter the food chain at any stage and at any level thus an adequate quality control measure is needed to be implemented at each step. For this, a third party testing laboratory plays an important role in providing accurate and reliable test results from which the quality of a product can be evaluated. These services are to be used by the industries which relates to food products, research institutes, regulatory authorities, etc.

Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Limited is fully furnished with all the essential equipments which are required for complete testing of broad range of food products (raw and processed both). We also provide services required for new food products in research and development fields. Being accredited by NABL, we follow the guidelines specified under ISO 17025 strictly. The protocols we follow are in accordance with several National and International Standards like IS, PAM, EPA, AOAC, etc. We possess specialized personnel for carrying out the tests as well as operating the most sophisticated instruments which include; ICP-OES, GCMS, GC, LCMS/MS, HPLC, FTIR, UV-vis spectrophotometer, AAS, DSC-TGA, Polarimeter and many others.

Spectro is now approved from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India i.e. FSSAI which is meant for testing the food products that are available in Indian markets. It is a centralized statutory body which specifies standard protocols and regulates their manufacturing to ensure the quality and safety of food to be consumed by humans.

Food Products

The List of Samples We Obtain For Testing is Quiet Large, Some of Them Are:

  • bulletAlcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • bulletBakery products, snacks, papad, etc.
  • bulletCooking oil
  • bulletDairy products like milk, butter, ghee, ice-cream, etc
  • bulletDrinking water
  • bulletFruits and vegetables
  • bulletJuice, jam, pickle, sauce, jellies, etc
  • bulletPoultry and animal feed, meat, fish, etc
  • bulletProcessed food and ready-to-eat food
  • bulletSpices and condiments

The Food Testing is Divided into three categories namely; Microbial, Physical and Chemical. The tests which are routinely carried out include:

  • bulletAdulterants and contaminants analysis
  • bulletChemical parameters like moisture, pH, acidity, energy value, fat content, etc.
  • bulletMicrobiology testing of total bacterial count (Coliform, E.coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Yeast, Mould,Salmonella, etc.)
  • bulletMicronutrients analysis (vitamins and minerals)
  • bulletNutritional and proximate analysis
  • bulletOrganoleptic tests (sensory)
  • bulletResidual analysis: pesticide, antibiotics, drugs, mycotoxin, etc.
  • bulletVisual examination and grading

The Specialized Testing Services Offered by Spectro: