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Food Inspection Services

SPECTRO ensures the integrity of the food chain by providing services that cover all aspects of the agricultural industry, from helping customers manage crops from seed development and soil testing through to harvesting and moving product through the global supply chain to trade inspection at export or import. Serving all of the major players in the agricultural sector, Spectro services reduce risk and ensure quality and improve productivity. Spectro provide following as One Stop Solutions:

Cargo Inspection Services For Agricultural And Dry Bulk Products

Spectro undertakes food and agricultural commodities laboratory testing, cargo shipment inspection, certification and related services. Spectro reduces commodity c argo trading risk by ascertaining that the commodities are complying global standards and provide a secure place in global marketplace for food Industry.
Spectro provides global cargo surveyor, inspection and testing services for high bulk commodity cargos avoiding the risk at export and import . Inspection occurs during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations. Spectro independent inspection, analysis and testing services help protect the quantity and quality of high value commodities for Food Industries.

Agricultural Product Cargo and Inventory Inspection:

Spectro undertakes following under cargo and inventory inspections:-

  • bulletCargo Certification and Inspection
  • bulletCargo Weight and Quality Verification
  • bulletCargo Sampling and Testing
  • bulletLoss Control, Investigation, Calibration

Agricultural and Food Quality Control Laboratory

All the compliance testing is done as per national and international standards:

  • bulletQuality and Grading
  • bulletRoutine Testing
  • bulletNutritional Value Testing and Labeling for FDA, USDA, and other Regulatory Servicesg
  • bulletOther Agriculture and Food Related Services

SPECTRO, offers inspection services to your food supply chain to help food beverage manufacturers, suppliers, hotels, and catering services to ensure food product quality and safety and also to maintain a clean and wholesome environment for food preparation and storage. Some key inspection services offered are:

  • bulletPreparation areas and production lines, including the sanitation conditions and handling procedures.
  • bulletHygiene Practices to be followed by Staff and handlers.
  • bulletSanitation and cleanliness of premises and processing equipment.

Spectro independent testing, inspection and certification services ensure that our client's business interests are protected during custody transfer, transportation and storage of valuable cargo.

India Agricultural Commodity Inspection, Testing And Certification
  • bulletSupervision of Container Loading and Discharging
  • bulletShipment and Inventory Sampling plans
  • bulletShipment and Inventory Lab Analysis
  • bulletCargo Weight & Quality Certification
  • bulletGrading of Cargo at Site
  • bulletManning Product Procurement Centers
  • bulletInspection of Cargo Loading, Cargo Discharging Storage
  • bulletSupervision of Production in Refineries, Factories, Hotels, cafeterias, Farms , etc
  • bulletWarehouse Inspection for Insurance
  • bulletInspection of Cargo Damage
Major Agriculture Commodities Tested and Inspected