What is quality assessment and certification?

Quality assessment is done to determine the physical and chemical properties of a consignment. Recording the same in the form of document along with other relevant details of the consignment is termed as certification. This ultimately determines commercial negotiations between Buyer and Seller.

Why is third party inspection required?

Third party inspection is essentially required to establish the quality/quantity of the consignment. This is assessed by the third party inspection agency, which is appointed mutually by the Buyer and Seller. The certification documents provided by the third party are valid for commercial transaction Third party inspection has taken particular significance for international trading through e- business. The credibility of the third party is a critical factor in making such commercial transactions possible.

What is pre-shipment inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection and certification exercise is also a statutory requirement framed by Govt. of India for export from India. It is an intermediate exercise carried out before effecting shipment of a consignment. Its aim is to assess the quality of the consignment in respect to its conformity as stipulated in the sale/purchase contract.

Why Superintendence of loading and unloading is carried out?

Ensure systematic loading / unloading of cargo as per program
Ensure that consignment handled does not get contaminated with foreign material.
Witness accurate weight of cargo at the weighbridge.