With an Eye to the Future, Spectro Introduces Specialized Facility Management Services

After developing thorough and diverse expertise in providing accurate and useful services in the field of core business activities for different industries and service sectors, Spectro Group of companies has ventured into the field of providing services to non-core or supporting business activities. In keeping with the Quality policy developed by the company in association to its testing and calibration services, Spectro envisages to create a niche for itself in providing excellent and customized Facility Management Services (FMS) to its customers. Facility Management is being considered by many successful and futuristic companies as the tool that will provide them the decisive competitive edge in contemporary global economy. Before elaborating on the specific Facility Management Services provided by Spectro, it is important to understand the basics and importance of FMS.

Understanding Facility Management Services

The activities of any business organization include the basic or Core activities (like manufacturing a product or providing certain services) and the supporting or Non-Core activities (like maintenance, installation, health and safety of staff). Although from a profit-earning mode of thinking, the non-core activities do not assume significant importance, but from the point of view of achieving business sustainability and maintaining business credibility, such activities need proper, if not equal, attention. Facility Management involves effective utilization and harnessing of the supporting activities for enhancement in performance of the Core business activities. Facility Management can be defined in a number of ways, including standard & commercial perspectives. The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has defined FMS as "The integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities." It involves a harmonious coordination of aspects relating to the 3 main building blocks of a business firm - Place, Process, and People.

Effective Facilities Management, Combining Resources and Activities, is vital to the success of any Organization. The Advantages offered by Facility Management are:

  • bulletOptimization of the performance of a company's core business activities by enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • bulletMinimization of the operations expense of business (running cost)
  • bulletReduction in losses arising out of mismanagement of non-core activities
  • bulletCompliance with various regulatory norms related to corporate activities
  • bulletBetter management of tangible (Office furniture, electrical and electronic appliances,space, interior designing) and intangible (security, Safety, inventory) assetsand concerns
  • bullet Creation of a better work-place environment in terms of Safety and Occupational Health
  • bulletEnhancement of an organization's work culture and image

Since the business needs of every organization are different from the other, the selection and execution of Facility Management Services are very important. Companies generally outsource these activities to specialized FMS providers in order to save on time and money. Spectro has a dedicated team of professionals who have the necessary technical expertise, resourcefulness, and experience to provide company-specific FM services, and also suggest future course of actions/strategies in this matter. Spectro serves a variety of industry sectors, which include software companies, MNCs, banks, telecommunication companies, embassies, and hotel chains.

Spectro Group of Companies Offers the Following Facility Management Services:

  • bulletEnergy Audit
  • bulletSafety Audits for Electrical & General Installations
  • bulletFood Audit & Testing
  • bulletIndoor Environment Monitoring & Safety Audits (including Cleanroom Monitoring & Validation services)

Spectro conducts Energy Audits of office buildings and other infrastructures, in order to determine heat losses, radiation spectrum, constructional abnormalities, and impending failures. Such audits help companies by reducing production losses, and increasing mean time between failures. The efficacy of our audits is reinforced by the availability of advanced instruments, like Infrared camera and other non-destructive equipments.

The Safety Audits conducted by Spectro for Electrical and General Installations help in preventive maintenance of electrical panels installed in offices belonging to different sectors. The key benefit of such audits is avoiding serious accidents and damages to materials and human lives, caused by fluctuations in load and short-circuiting.

Food Audits of Spectro are conducted with utmost precision to ensure basic quality, hygiene and safety of people. Tests are carried out at various business premises, like cafeteria, canteen, kitchen etc. on raw and cooked food products.

In order to ensure and promote clean, safe and hygienic work environment in office premises and pharmaceutical companies, Spectro can conduct Indoor Environment Monitoring and Safety Audits. The tests include Indoor Air analysis and Cleanroom validation, besides other Safety compliance tests.