Environmental Impact Assessment Studies(EIA)

SPECTRO provides the key solution for Comprehensive or Rapid Environment Impact Assessment Studies to various Industries including Infrastructure, Mining, Cement Industries, MSW, Processing Industries, Distilleries etc. as per EIA Notification

EIA Study, RA Study, Environmental Appraisal & Audits
  • bulletEnvironmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) of development projects (Construction, Industry, Infrastructure, Mining Projects, Power Projects River Valley Projects).)
  • bulletEnvironmental Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Plan.
  • bulletEpidemiological Surveys and Exposure Assessment Studies.
  • bulletEnvironmental Appraisal and Audit

Environmental Survey, Sampling, Analysis & Data Generation

  • bulletSampling and Analysis of Stack Emissions, Ambient Air, Noise, Water and Wastewater, Soil, Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste.
  • bulletTopographical survey, Route survey for City Projects, HYDEL projects etc.
  • bulletBiomonitoring and Ecological (Flora, Fauna, Biodiversity) Studies.
  • bulletMeteorological Monitoring (wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity,rainfall, cloud cover, stability class, mixing height).

Technical Services

  • bulletDesign of Rainwater Harvesting Structures.
  • bulletConsultancy for Sewage/ Effluent Treatment Plant, Risk Assessment and Environmental Audit.
  • bulletConsultancy on conducting survey & soil investigations.
  • bulletConversion of manually collected data into computerized drawing.
  • bulletDevelopment of Environmental Management Department & Laboratory.
  • bulletEfficiency and Evaluation of Air Pollution Control Equipment.
  • bulletLife Cycle Assessment Studies of Industrial Process
  • bulletRemote Sensing/ GIS application for Land Use Studies.

Research & Training Services

  • bulletConducting research studies on specific subject related to pollution control technology, survey and inventory, chemical analysis, feasibility studies etc.
  • bulletConducting training programme, awareness programs and workshops for capability development of managers and environmentalists.