Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement (CPSIA) Act 2008 impose regulations for manufacturers, importers, private labelers and distributors of consumer goods. SPECTRO has been accredited by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission under Identification Number 1298.

The Consumer products exported in the US must now be accompanied by a General Conformity Certificate certifying that tests have shown the products meet applicable safety rules . But there are more stringent rules for a variety of children's products, including:

  • bulletMandatory third-party testing and certification from an accredited laboratory by CPSC.
  • bulletProhibition on use of Lead Content in the toys and raw materials
  • bulletLevels of lead in paint and surface coatings shall comply the set reference ranges.
  • bulletLower limits or bans for certain phthalates.
  • bulletA mandatory toy safety standard (ASTM F963).

SPECTRO's CPSIA services aim to get through these regulatory procedures, so that your business is way out about the standards it needs to meet and how to achieve them. Our services benefits all the individual importers and manufacturers and, with large financial penalties for those whose products are found to be non-compliant.

Spectro ensures that the tests to certify products for children are carried out to the highest levels of accuracy and with the minimum of fuss so that you can get your products into the market as quickly and smoothly as possible. sex video, porn video, penis, hot sex, porn hub site, spectro froud company
Spectro make it easy for their clients to adhere the regulations raised by CPSIA, thus increases the stability in global market for their products.

Good quality concrete imparts:

  • bulletConsultancy to entrain the strategy for CPSIA, products and testing
  • bulletTraining packages to ensure all staff, contractors and suppliers in the supply chain are aware of best practice in CPSIA compliance.
  • bulletAdvanced Testing to meet CPSIA Regulations