Calibration is the process in which an instrument is adjusted to the required accuracy and precision in order to minimize the errors in the readings of an instrument. Any instrumentation design demands elimination of elements that creates inaccuracy in the measurements despite of different testing schemes for every product.
After calibration, an instrument shows accurate values of the sample being tested, which in turn provides a safe working environment and produces logical and authentic data for future reference.

Instrument Calibration is Highly Recommended for Various Purposes like:

  • bulletCarrying out tests on a new instrument
  • bulletTesting an instrument after its repaired/restored
  • bulletRefineries, Gas/Oil
  • bulletBefore and after any critical measurement
  • bulletTesting after definite usage
  • bulletSudden change in weather condition
  • bulletAnd in case of any mishandling of the instrument
Spectro Calibration Laboratory is well equipped with the most advanced instruments, expertise, standards, proficiency and techniques to carry out calibration in various dimensions. We are accredited by NABL for ISO-17025 in some Calibration fields namely; Mechanical, Thermal, Electro-Technical and Dimensional Metrology and we just got Flow Calibration also!

The reports prepared contain all the uncertainties related to the measurements from your instruments and the protocols followed are strictly in accordance with National and International standards.

Our laboratory at Greater Noida is now dedicated in the Electrical and Electronics fields. The platform offers the broadest scope for electrical endurance and safety measurement of electronic devices in consumer electronics and automobile industries.

Services In The Field Of Calibration