Easson EX-100 Manual for Universal Length Instrument with Digital Processing
Instrument accuracy (A) < 0.5µm (20ºc + 0.2ºc)
Absolute measuring range (mm) 0-100mm
Relative measuring range (mm) 0-700mm
Display value (µm) 0.1 µm
Measuring force (N) 0, 1.5, 2.5
Display value variability
For external dimensions 2 δ< 0.3µm
For internal dimensions 2 δ< 0.5µm

Applications: The ULM is applied for absolute and measurement instrument. It features in high accuracy due to adopting Abbe comparative theory and a high precision measuring system. It is mainly used in measuring office of factories and various level measuring departmental in metal machining industry, specially in machine manufacturing, bearing manufacturing, gauge manufacturing as well as precision tools manufacturing and instrument manufacturing etc industries. Instrument adopts raster digital display technology and it is high technical product integrating optical, mechanical and electric (algorithm), improving its accuracy and work efficiency greatly.

Calibration Instrument
Main Subject to be measured
  • bullet  Shaft, Hole, Plug gauge, Ring gauge, Clip gauge, length bar, Cone, Cylindeical workpiece, Lower grade block gauge, Workpiece with parallel planes etc.
  • bullet  Pitch diameter of internet thread, thread, thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge.
EX-100 instrument is equipped with a data processing system. This system of a computer and data processing software, digital display hardware. The measuring results can be output by a printer.
Fluke (Wavetek 9100) Calibrator
Calibation Instrument


The Fluke 9100 is a multifunction calibrator with a breadth and depth of outputs never before available from a single calibration source. In addition to DC and AC voltage to 1050V, variable Resistance to 400MÙ and DC and AC current to 20A (1000A via the optional current coils), the 9100 delivers continuously variable capacitance values to 40mF and conductance values to 2.5 milliSiemens. It also generates digitally synthesized and phase-locked sine, square, triangle, impulse and trapezoidal waveforms, variable amplitude pulses to 10 MHz, pulse widths to 2 seconds, and duty cycles between 0.05% and 99.95%.

Portable Dry Block Bath
Calibation Instrument
Temp Range -50˚C to +650 ˚C
Stability 0.1˚C
Heating rate 15˚C/Min
Time to reach max Temp 45 Min
Controlling Sensor T/C “N” Type
Display Range 0˚C to 650 ˚C
Thermo Couple

Technical Specifications

Type R Type
Temp Range Upto1500˚C
Class/Accuracy Special Class
Special Class
Digital Temperature
Display Range 0˚C to 650 ˚C
Stirred Liquid Bath

Technical Specifications

Temp Range -40˚C to +200 ˚C
Stability 0.01˚C
Cooling/Heating rate -40˚C/50˚C
Time to reach max Temp 1 ½ / Hr
Medium Cooling Methanol + Water
Medium Heating Silicon Oil
Display Range -50˚C to 200˚C