Brick Definition

Apparent Porosity and Density

This test measures the porosity and density of bricks to be used for construction of load bearing walls. The method involves dimensional measurement and mass to determine density, followed by measuring the increase in mass when soaked in water for a standard period.

Cold Crushing Strength

This test measures the compressive strength of bricks to be used in construction for load bearing walls. Specimens are first sampled from batches in a standard manner. The bearing faces are then either made perfectly flat by capping with sulphur or soft wooden spacers are used to take up surface defects, this will avoid any point loading. If frogs are present (indentations in the face) then these are filled with standard mortar. The maximum load sustained by the blocks before failure is then measured and the compressive strength calculated.

Permanent Linear Change (PLC)

This test method covers the determination of the permanent linear change of refractory brick when heated under prescribed conditions, which will measure any potential shrinking when used for load bearing walls.
Methods of measurement are most often made by traditional wet chemistry methods.

Abrasion Resistance

This test method measures the relative abrasion resistance of various refractory samples under standard conditions at room temperature.
The abrasion resistance of a refractory material provides an indication of its suitability for service in abrasion or erosive environments.

Creep Test

Creep in compression (CIC) refers to the percent of shrinkage of a refractory test piece under a constant load and exposed to a constant high temperature over a long period of time.

Refractoriness under load (RUL)

Refractoriness under load (RUL) is a measure of the deformation behavior of refractory ceramic products subjected to a constant load and increasing temperature.

Modulus of Rapture

The modulus of rupture of refractory ceramics is determined as the amount of force applied to a rectangular test piece of specific dimensions until failure occurs.