Analytical Instruments Testing Series-Training on AAS

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) is a technique for determining chemical elements quantitatively by using the absorption of optical radiations by free atoms in gaseous state. It is a very useful technique by which we can determine the concentration of a particular element present in a sample. AAS performs efficiently and accurately. It can determine more than 70 different elements in a solution or in solid samples which are used in Biophysics, Toxicology and Pharmacology research.

Spectro organizes Training Programs to provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and to have hands-on practice on AAS instrument.

Aim of the Program:

This Training Program is specially-designed for those who are complete beginners or early users to AAS and analysts who are looking for the first formal course. We provide training on AAS with Graphite Furnace. The training is conducted in accordance with the specified protocols and fundamental principles of AAS.

Minimum Eligibility Required The trainee must hold a Diploma or Graduation Degree in Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Training Module for 6 Days

Day 1
Introduction to AAS technique, Basic Principle, its Applications and Uses in various fields.
Day 2
Introduction and Hands-on practice on preparation of different types of samples for determination of general metals.
Day 3
Introduction and Hands-on practice on preparation of different types of samples for determination of heavy metals.
Day 4
Analysis of different types of water samples.
Day 5
Analysis of different types of food samples.
Day 6
Maintenance of AAS and Trouble-shooting covering all the possible problems

Advantages of the Training Program:

The training is useful for those who are in search of entering the industries like Oil Industries, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Food & Agriculture, Water Testing, Pharmaceuticals as well as the Analytical Testing Laboratories and various others.

Please Note:

  • bullet The certificate will be provided only after clearing a test
  • bullet We also conduct customized training programs on request.