Tiles Testing

Tiles are the construction materials or the manufactured pieces of materials like stone, ceramics, glass or metals. Their major application is for covering the floors, roofs, walls, tabletops and similar objects. Tiles are categorized on the basis of the applied manufacturing process and their application. They are also classified as per their water absorption level.
Spectro provides testing facilities for all types of tiles as per various National and International Standards. Some of the routine tests that we conduct for tiles are:

Service Offering

  • bullet Dimension
  • bullet Flexural strength
  • bullet Flexural strength
  • bullet Surface quality
  • bullet Breaking strength
  • bullet Abrasion resistance
  • bullet Compressive strength
  • bullet Impact resistance
  • bullet Thermal expansion
  • bullet Chemical resistance
  • bullet Bulk density
  • bullet Staining resistance

Spectro is also proficient in evaluating the performance of glass tiles, acid resistant tiles, ceramic tiles, stones, marbles, slates, limestone and also the installation materials.