Thermal Calibration Services

Spectro is an Accredited Calibration Laboratory which provides a wide platform for carrying out Calibration of instruments which facilitates Thermal Testing to meet the requirements of relevant National or International Standards. Our services are devoted to fulfill the expectations of our clients in terms of quality and technical proficiency. Our lab is well suited for several industries which deal in food processing, iron and steel units, cosmetics and various others. Through Calibration, the performance and manufacturing of an instrument is checked and ensured in accordance with Indian and International Standards. We satisfy our customers with accurate, precise and reliable services which help to build a good partnership with them. There are a number of facilities that we provide for Thermal Calibration and Thermal Mapping.

Spectro helps you with the complete validation requirements, in case you are administered to any regulatory bodies like TGA, WHO, MCC, MHRA, ENVISA and needs compliance with GAMP 5, GMP, cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 software validations. We possess all the required equipments and experienced personnel to make you achieve compliance in this area. We are capable of working with your existing protocols and we can also authorize you to make use of our own specialized procedures. We at Spectro provide complete Thermal Mapping Services for any of the warehouses in compliance to the regulatory guidelines.

Some of our Mapping Services include:

  • bulletAutoclaves
  • bulletCold Rooms/Cold Chambers
  • bulletIncubators
  • bulletOvens
  • bulletRefrigerators, Control Rate Freezers and Ultra Low Freezers
  • bulletStability Chambers
  • bulletWarehouse Storage Facilities

We provide calibration facility mainly in:

  • bulletBOD incubator
  • bulletEnvironmental chamber (Temperature and RH)
  • bulletGlass thermometer
  • bulletHot and Cold chamber
  • bulletHydrometer
  • bulletOven/Furnace/Muffle furnace
  • bulletProportional Integral Derivative (PID) controlle
  • bulletTemperature indicator with sensor
  • bulletTemperature logger and Temperature gauges
  • bulletTemperature sensors/recorder/scanner/transmitter
  • bulletThermocouple
  • bulletThermo-hygrometer
  • bulletRTD sensor (Resistance temperature detector)
  • bulletSignal converters
  • bulletSignal isolators