Tea and Coffee Testing Services

Spectro provides tea industry with inspection, certification and laboratory testing. Spectro is offering a broad platform for testing, inspecting and certification facilities for Tea and Coffee. We assure our clients with accurate results of their products so that they get complete information related to the quality of the product in terms of safety and health. All the testing protocols that we follow are strictly in accordance with those mentioned by the FSSAI.

Tea and Coffee Inspection Services

  • bulletInspection of loading, discharge and storage of Tea and Coffee
  • bulletMonitoring of stocks and warehouses
  • bulletQuality and quantity certification of the sample
  • bulletRepresentative sampling of Tea and Coffee to be tested in laboratory
  • bulletTea and Coffee carrying cargos inspection from loading to discharging process
  • bulletTruck/Cargo inspection
  • bulletVerification of quantity and weight of the cargo

Testing of Tea and Coffee

  • bulletAflatoxins testing
  • bulletChemical and Physical assessment of Tea and Coffee.
  • bulletFSSAI compliant analysis
  • bulletMicrobiological testing
  • bullet Pesticides, insecticides and fungicides residue testing