Stress Relaxation Test For Hts Wires Started For The First Time in North India

Spectro has initiated, for the first time in INDIA, testing of Stress Relaxation Test for HTS (High Carbon Stress Relief) Wires. This test is carried out on Carbon steel wires which are used in prestressed concrete composites. Relaxation of steel is defined as the decrease in stress with time under constant strain. Due to the relaxation of steel, the prestress in the tendon is reduced with time. Hence, the study of relaxation is important in prestressed concrete to calculate the loss in prestress. In prestressed concrete elements, the stress relaxation losses in steel tendons are of paramount importance to structural design. We, at Spectro, provide the ideal platform for various industries and manufacturers to get their products tested in compliance with the various national and international standards. Spectro conducts Stress Relaxation Test as per IS 14268 (Relaxation Losses at 100 hours) and IS 6006 (Relaxation Losses at 1000 hours).