Testing Services for Spices

Spices are an indispensable ingredient in foods which are used for various purposes like coloring, flavoring and preserving any food item. Their antimicrobial property has widened the list of their benefits and applications. They are used to enhance the quality of food products.
Spectro is playing a vital role to ensure the quality and quantity of spice cargos. We have a well-equipped laboratory with all the required instruments and well-trained analysts to carry out tests of the spice samples according to specific National and International Standards. We provide facilities for testing various parameters in almost all the spices like pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, dehydrated onion and ginger, nutmeg, coriander, etc.

Cargo Inspection Services for Agricultural and Dry Bulk Products:

  • bulletAsh Content
  • bulletDye Testing (Sudan Red Dye, Para Red Dye, etc.)
  • bulletEther and Alcohol Extract
  • bulletFilth or Insects
  • bulletMicrobiological Test
  • bullet Moisture Content
  • bullet Mycotoxins Test
  • bulletSieve Analysis
  • bullet Volatile Oil Content