Specialized Services for Hospitals

1:- Validation as per National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare (NABH) Guidelines

A) Air Particle Count Testing

Spectro offers extensive airborne particle count cleanliness classification. It is used to find out the particle count level at the time of testing within a facility.

B) DOP Test/ HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
Spectro conducts complete HEPA/ULPA filter integrity tests assuring the filters are in conformance with several standards and/or government agency requirements. Complete documentation & certification is provided by us which helps predict potential performance and enhances filter life.

C) Air Velocity Measurement
Spectro conducts Air Velocity Measurement/ tests to determine the average filter face uniformity & velocity and the average room airflow velocity and uniformity within a clean room.

D) Temperature/ Humidity
Depending upon the requirement, there are 2 levels for conducting Temperature and Humidity tests. In the first level; general temperature & humidity uniformity are checked which ensures that the clean room's HVAC system is maintaining the specified levels of temperature & humidity desired for comfort. While the second level is a comprehensive level to identify the clean room HVAC systems are maintaining the specified levels of temperature & humidity necessary for both comfort and process temperature control.

E) Air Changes Per Hour
It determines how many times the air enters and exits a room from the HVAC system in an hour, by which we can design or balance the airflow.

F) Pressure Differential Testing

This test verifies the pressure differential meet the specified requirements. A clean room may consist of multiple rooms with different cleanliness requirement and thus the facility should be maintained at static pressures higher than atmospheric to prevent infiltration by wind.

2:- Medical Gas/ Compressed Gas Testing

To meet the specification for piping purity (Air, O2, N2O, N2), piping particulate, verifier piping purity, medical gas concentration ( O2, N2O, N2) and medical air purity testing.

3:- Calibration
  • bulletAutoclaves
  • bulletCold Rooms
  • bulletIncubators
  • bulletOvens
  • bulletRefrigerators, Control Rate Freezers and Ultra Low Freezers
  • bulletStability Chambers
  • bulletWarehouse Storage Facilities
  • bulletVibration Machine or Objects
  • bulletWeighing
  • bulletPressure gauge/Digital pressure gauge

4:- Thermal Validation

Thermal validation is the process of validating/qualifying equipment and storage facilities to prove that they will create and maintain the temperatures they are designed for.

5:- Water Testing as per IS 10500

Chemical, Physical & Microbiological testing

6:- Endotoxin Testing of Dialysis Water

Water used for dialysis has strict requirements on the levels of chemical and biological contaminants allowed. Our testing method provides you with exact endotoxin levels

7:- ETP/ STP Testing

Hospitals are significant consumers of water and generate a considerable amount of wastewater which consists of harmful pathogens, bacteria & virus, radioactive materials, drugs, clinical discharges, domestic & suspended solids, etc.