Polymers and Rubber Testing

Polymers have become an indispensable part of our modern lives, possessing countless applications. Most of the things around us are made up of polymers, whether it is your credit card, laptop, automobile accessories, tyres or mobile phone, all are manufactured from polymers.

The scope of this field is so wide that no one knows what miraculous applications would come out of polymers. Thus there arises a need of testing the quality and checking the performance of these polymers as a raw material as well as finished products. This can avoid the risks and issues related to product failure.

Spectro has a well-furnished laboratory for Polymer Department which is fully equipped with all the necessary instruments and equipments needed for carrying out various tests related to Polymers and Rubbers. We own a team of well qualified and experienced personnel who are well versed with the current technologies being used worldwide. We provide services for analyzing the composition and toxicity (if any) in a polymeric substance.

Spectro serves various industries who are working with plastics, polymers and rubbers by offering world-class Testing facilities to them. Our services include Quality Control, Quality Check, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Marketing and several others.

We carry out Physical Tests, Microscopy Tests, Failure Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Ageing Tests, Thermal Analysis, etc. for polymers, plastics and rubbers.

Stay Assured About the Safety of Products With Polymer Testing Lab

Due to the increased utility of polymers and plastic in the manufacture of products, they need to be tested for their quality. Since, the toxicity caused by rubber or polymer and plastic can be hazardous, the products have to undergo quality tests. We assessed this need and came up with a team of experts at Spectro.

We felt a need to establish a trusted polymer testing lab where extensive tests shall be conducted. Our well-furnished and fully-equipped laboratory checks the performance of polymers or rubber and plastic. This is an initial process of quality-check conducted on raw materials to avoid risk or product failure.

Spectro is also a reliable rubber testing lab based in Delhi known for carrying out quality control, quality assurance and research based tests. These tests are conducted by professionals using advanced equipments. We analyze the composition of rubber and polymer in raw materials before they are used for manufacturing.

Our vision as a polymer and plastic testing lab is to offer pure, toxic-free and improved quality of raw materials. The in-house personnel we have deployed are experienced and well-trained. Get in touch with our professionals to avail world class testing services of Spectro.

The Major Equipments we Posses

  • bulletAbrasion Tester
  • bulletBursting Strength Machine
  • bulletDifferential Scanning Calorimeter
  • bulletDigital Charpy/Izod Impact Tester
  • bulletFlammability Apparatus
  • bulletFTIR
  • bulletGloss Meter (40*/608/80*)
  • bulletHardness Tester (Shore A & Shore D)
  • bulletIRHD Rubber Hardness Tester
  • bulletPortable Barcol Hardness Tester
  • bulletResilience Tester
  • bulletShear Fatigue Apparatus
  • bulletTear Tester
  • bulletThermal Conductivity Apparatus
  • bulletThermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA
  • bulletUV Radiation Meter
  • bulletUTM Machine (50 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg & 5000 kg)
  • bulletVibration Test Apparatus
  • bulletVicat Softening Temperature Apparatus
  • bulletXRF Spectrometer

Polymer Properties often Checked

Failure Analysis of Polymer and Rubber Components.