Training Program for Polymer & Plastic Testing Lab

Polymers have set an indispensable place in our lives. Most of the things we use whether it is as small as a bottle or as big as an airplane, all are manufactured from polymers. The scope of this field is so wide that no one knows what inventions there would be in future with polymers.

Spectro provides an opportunity to acquire full knowledge on applications of polymers & plastics and their importance in everyday life. Our experts have many years of experience in this field working with different types of instruments used widely with reference to the specified standards. The Training Program for Polymers & Plastic conducted by Spectro Analytical Lab promotes trainee’s knowledge immensely.

Objective of The Training

The motive of conducting this training program is to enhance the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the trainee in the field of polymers. All the related physical and chemical tests are carried out and hands-on practice is offered to every individual. We possess all the required equipments to provide the best facilities in all respects.

Training Module for 6 Days

Day 1
Introduction to related specifications like IS, ASTM, JISK, BS and general information regarding ISO 17025 and various test methods.
Day 2
Provide knowledge of various instruments related to Product testing and data of various test methods of related Polymers and rubber.
Day 3
Sample preparation method for Physical testing and Hardness testing (Shore A, Shore D, Rockwell).
Day 4
Tensile strength testing (Modulus, Elongation, Tensile strength, Yield).
Day 5
Introduction to Flow properties (MFI, MVI), Ozone Resistance Test, UV whether meter test.
Day 6
Identification of Material chemically and by FTIR.

Minimum Eligibility Required:The trainee must possess a graduation Degree or Diploma in Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Objective of The Training

The training program is valuable for the person who wants to enter an industry which deals with polymer, rubber and other products which uses these as raw materials. It is also beneficial in testing laboratories.

Please Note:

  • bulletWe also conduct customized training programs on request.
  • bulletThe certificate will be provided only after clearing a test