BIS Approved Laboratory for Testing of all types of Bottled Water

Specto has approval from Bureau of Indian Standards to undertake testing of various types of Bottled Drinking water. Spectro has the experience, expertise, resources and global reach to support its customers through its network for the testing of water quality which has become a major health issue in the recent past as a result of the environmental pollution & climatic changes. The testing activity includes testing and certification of Packaged drinking water inclusive of Natural, Distilled, Purified, Spring Water. All the tests are undertaken as per IS:13428: 2005 for Packaged Natural Mineral Water & IS: 14543 : 2004 for Packaged Drinking water. Additionally, Spectro also provides customized solutions for testing of Drinking water depending on specific criteria as required by the client.

Conditions or Nearby Activities Recommended Test
Recurrent gastrointestinal illness Coliform bacteria
Household plumbing contains lead pH, alkalinity, hardness, lead, copper
Radon present in indoor air or region Radon
Scaly residues, soaps don’t lather Hardness
Water softener to treat hardness Manganese, iron (before purchase)
Stained plumbing fixtures, laundry Iron, copper, manganese
Objectionable taste or smell Hydrogen sulfide, corrosion, pH, alkalinity, hardness, metals
Water is cloudy, frothy or colored Color, detergents
Corrosion of pipes, plumbing Corrosion, pH, lead, copper, alkalinity
Rapid wear of water treatment equipment pH, corrosion, alkalinity, hardness
Nearby areas of intensive agriculture Nitrate, pesticides, coliform bacteria
Nearby coal, other mining operation Metals, pH, corrosion
Gas drilling operation nearby Chloride, sodium, barium, strontium
Gasoline or fuel oil odor Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Dump, landfill, factory or dry-cleaning operation nearby VOCs, pH, sulfate, chloride, metals
Salty taste and seawater, or a heavily salted roadway nearby Chloride, TDS, sodium