Non Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing or NDT is a technique to inspect, test or analyze a material or a whole assembly for the discontinuities in its characteristics without damaging the system and its parts. The main advantage of NDT is that the sample can be used even after the testing is complete. It is a highly valuable technique because it saves time and money both.

This technique is more effective in comparison to other destructive tests which are used to determine the physical properties of a material, whereas NDT determines the discontinuities in a material which further affect its characteristics.

Highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced person is required to conduct these tests and Spectro possess a team of such talented individuals. Our NDT inspectors are well-trained in carrying out Structural and Building Material testing, both on-site and in laboratory.

The regular services are being provided to several industries which include Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power, Petroleum Refineries, etc. We also offer Residual Life Assessment and Structural Safety Tests for bridges, buildings, water tanks, huge structures and all.

The methods which are commonly carried out in NDT are Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography, Magnetic Particle Testing, Eddy-current Testing, Remote Visual Inspection, Laser Testing methods, Infrared Testing, Low Coherence Inteferometry, etc. The areas where NDT is broadly practiced include aeronautics, electrical, civil, system engineering, forensics and various others.

Importance of NDT

Certain sophisticated machines and structures like massive pipelines, bridges, flyovers, concrete structures, etc., because of their huge sizes and complexities inherit few natural risks related to performance and NDT is especially meant for such expensive items as it does not cause any damage to the sample under test.

Advantages of NDT

  • bulletControls manufacturing processes
  • bulletEnsure product's integrity
  • bulletPrevent occurrence of accidents
  • bulletMaintain high class quality and keep the reputation of the manufacturer

Tests Under Metallographic Testing: