Mortar is a mixture of lime or cement or a combination of both with water and sand. It is a paste used to bind together the adjacent building blocks like stones, bricks, etc. It fills the irregular gaps between the blocks and seals them completely.
Mortar is also used to add patterns or colors in the masonry walls. Cement mortar is composed of sand and aggregates with water and is used as a building compound. Water is used to hydrate the cement and hold the mixture together. It also finds application in creating smooth surfaces on walls made up of bricks and other masonry. Mortar when mixed, is much thicker substance than concrete and this makes it ideal to act as glue for the building materials. It gets harden into a stone-like mass and distributes the load evenly over the bonding surfaces providing weather tight joints.
Mortars manufactured in factories have following characteristics:

Testing of Tor Steel/ TMT Bar

  • bullet In-Situ Metallography
  • bullet Reduced wastage
  • bullet Accurate content of cement
  • bullet Consistent strength and quality
  • bullet Enhanced health and safety on site
  • bullet Reduced mixing and labour costs