Miscellaneous Calibration Services

SPECTRO also offers Calibration services for miscellaneous parameters like flow, wavelength and clean room validation and we have developed expertise in these fields. Calibration is a key to attain accurate measurements because without a calibrated instrument all the manuals, systems, tables do not possess significant importance. We offer unmatched expertise with best suitable technology and a global reach.

Our major objective lies in customer satisfaction with reliable and accurate results as per the National and International Standards. By calibrating your instruments we can make you feel safe from any kind of inaccuracy in your instrument which in turn saves you from getting exposed to the financial loses. By taking advantage of our broad range of services, one can definitely upgrade his profits. We provide flow calibration for a variety of flow instruments and provide a certificate for each calibrated item along with complete details. A complete range of services for flow and volume measurements is provided, all under one roof.

Miscellaneous Calibration Services

Certain sophisticated machines and structures like massive pipelines, bridges, flyovers, concrete structures, etc., because of their huge sizes and complexities inherit few natural risks related to performance and NDT is especially meant for such expensive items as it does not cause any damage to the sample under test.

Flow measurement and calibration services:

  • bulletOrifice calibrator
  • bulletPrimary Flow Calibrator
  • bulletRota Meter
  • bulletFlow Meter Proving
  • bulletMass Flow Meter Calibration
  • bulletDimensional, Liquid Flow and Pressure
  • bulletTemperature and Humidity
  • bulletOil and Gas Fiscal Flow Measurements
  • bulletHigh Volume Meter Proving and Calibration
  • bulletLiquid and Gas Densitometer Calibration
  • bulletPositive Displacement Meter Proving and Calibration

Flow measurement and meter proving:

  • bulletMeter Proving
  • bulletOffshore Oil and Gas Metering and Calibration
  • bulletPetroleum Metering and Calibration