Minerals & Ores Testing Services

A Mineral is a naturally occurring substance found under the earth's crust, which has been formed as a result of various Geological processes occurring over substantial periods of time. It would not be wrong to mention that almost each & every utility or commercial substance in the contemporary world has been produced from a particular Mineral or a combination of various Minerals. Nothing can be conceived without Minerals. They constitute the backbone of any nation, since the Economic, Infrastructural & Industrial growth, besides the all-important National Security, of a country depends on its reserves of Minerals & the technology to extract & utilize them.

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Minerals and Some of their Uses

Minerals have distinct & characteristic Physical & Chemical properties, & are the primary sources of all the naturally occurring Metals on earth. Minerals can be either Metallic or Non-Metallic, depending upon their compositions. A Mineral may consist of either only one Metal or a number of different Metals. The Study of Minerals is called 'Mineralogy'. The important 'General Characteristics' of any Mineral are as follows:

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  • bulletNatural Occurrence, i.e., not produced 'Artificially' or 'Man-made'
  • bulletConstituent of Rocks
  • bulletInorganic Composition & Usually Abiogenic Origin, i.e., not produced from any living organism like plants & animals
  • bulletPhysical State - Solid; Stable at normal temperature ranges of the earth's surface
  • bulletFixed (or narrowly variable) Chemical Composition; Either a Pure Element, or a Chemical Compound, or a mixture of Chemical Compounds
  • bulletOrderly Crystalline Structure

There are over 4000 Minerals known to mineralogists, who have identified & characterized them based on their Physical & Chemical properties. Some common examples of Minerals are Limestone, Quartzite, Feldspars, Micas, Haematite, Gypsum, Gold, Asbestos, various kinds of gems etc.

Technical Information on Minerals & Ores

Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd. realizes the importance of the aspect of Quality of Minerals, since these are used as 'Raw Materials' in almost all manufacturing industries like Cement, Ceramics, Steel, Paints, Fertilizers, Automobiles, and Semiconductors etc. Spectro has been assisting these industries in selecting the appropriate & suitable Minerals which fulfill the standard specifications set by various National & International agencies.

Some of the Ores & Minerals Tested by Spectro

Iron ores Maganese Ores Asbestos
Haematite Maganite Braunite Chrysolite(White Asbestos)
Building Stones Cement Raw materials Refractory
Granitee Gypsum Sillimanite
Limestone Limestone Kaynite
Basalt Bauxite Andalusite
Sandstone Mineral Pigments Abrasive materials
Quartzite Hematite Graphite
Talc Chromitee Emery Grains
Slate Aluminum Ores Ceramic Materials
Sillimanite Bauxite Kaolin (China Clay)
Molybednum Ores Copper Ores Ball Clay
Molybdnite Malachite Fire Clay
Wulfenite Azurite Wollastonite
Magnesium Ores Zirconium Ores Lead Ores
Magnesite Zircon Galena
Zinc Ores Zirconolite Cerussite
Sphalerite, Smithsonite Zircophyllite Anglesite
Common Testing Parameters of Minerals
Loss on Ignition Iron Oxide Calcium Oxide
Acid insolubles Potassium Oxide Barium Oxide
Water solubles Sodium Oxide Free lime
Dead Burnt lime Silica Magnesia
Acid solubles Phosphates Manganese
Moh's Hardness Zirconium Fluorine
Specific Gravity Heavy metals Chlorides
Sieve analysis Boron Free lime
Free silica Cobalt Alumina
Titania Sulphates Copper
Chromium Zinc Nickel
Molybdenum Tellurium Carbon
Lead Available lime Carbonates
Selenium Ash content
Major Equipments used by Spectro for Testing of Minerals & Ores
  • bulletXRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) Spectrometer
  • bulletXRD (X-Ray Diffraction) Spectrometer RIGAKU
  • bulletCP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer)
  • bulletAAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)
  • bulletUV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • bulletTurbidity Meter