Microbiology Training

In-situ Metallography

Spectro conducts training programs on Microbiology testing by highly-experienced professionals. The trainee gets an opportunity to acquire full knowledge on the practical aspects which are important for carrying out microbiological tests. Microbiology testing needs to be conducted with absolute accuracy to ensure hygiene and safety of a particular sample. A person needs to be proficient to handle the techniques related to it. We possess a well-equipped laboratory with all the modernized equipments and a team of expert personnel.

Spectro organizes Training Programs to provide an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and to have hands-on practice on AAS instrument.

Aim of the Program:

The motive behind carrying out training in this field is to provide a thorough knowledge on the test methods and precautions to be taken during microbiology testing of various samples. A complete information is imparted on different microorganisms especially bacteria, fungi and protozoa with their effects. The trainee practices media preparation and hands-on practice on various equipments is also provided. The method to isolate and identify a particular microorganism, its culture maintenance and verification are explained in detail.

Minimum Eligibility Required The trainee must hold a Diploma or Graduation Degree in Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Training Module for 6 Days

Day 1
Introduction on IS/ISO and NABL standards with their importance and lab activities
Day 2
Media preparation and autoclaving according to good laboratory practices
Day 3
Microbiology testing of different samples of water
Day 4
Microbiology testing of various food samples
Day 5
Explaining instrument validation and maintenance of laboratory as per GLP
Day 6
Environmental sampling and testing of microbes, swab testing and antimicrobial activity of materials.

Advantages of the Training Program:

The training will advantage those who want to work as a microbiologist or make their career in the related industries of water, food, detergents, cosmetics, dairy products and various other industries where microbial testing is carried out.

Please Note:

  • bullet The certificate will be provided only after clearing a test
  • bullet We also conduct customized training programs on request.