Metallurgy Training

Spectro has established a world-class platform for the Engineers to provide training on Metallurgy, metal processing, defense industries, quality and development in automobiles. Metallurgy which is practiced on a large scale in practical applications has a very wide scope in numerous industries. We take the initiative to impart valuable knowledge which will allow an individual to take the responsibility to conduct any test method.

Aim of the Program:

The motive of this training program is to demonstrate the physical tests including quality check and to enhance the knowledge of every trainee. A complete explanation is given on the physical characteristics of metals, the principle of selecting metals for a particular application and the reasons behind corrosion and measures to control it. Minimum Eligibility Required The trainee must hold a Diploma or Degree in any Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Training Module for 6 Days

Day 1
Explain the principles of Metallurgy and the concepts of crystal lattice, diffusion, tensile testing, microstructure, precipitation hardening, etc.
Day 2
Introduction about different types of corrosion like electrochemical, inter-granular, crevice, aqueous, pitting and galvanic corrosion.
Day 3
Introduction of chemical composition and properties of important commercial alloys is given.
Day 4
Quality control and failure analysis methods are explained which include evaluation of the performance of metals in different applications..
Day 5
knowledge on the techniques followed is given.
Day 6
Identification of Material chemically and by FTIR.

Advantages of the Training Program:

This training program will be helpful to those who want to work in industries which are related to metals, minerals, ores, etc. Metallurgy has a wide scope in all the industries as all the equipments are manufactured from metals. The non-metallurgists who don’t have detailed knowledge of this topic have a chance to sharpen their skills and knowledge and make their career in this field.

Important Note:

  • bulletThe training will be conducted only in batches of 4.
  • bulletThe certificate will be provided only after clearing a test.
  • bullet We also conduct customized training programs on request.