Lab Training Programmes for Universities

Spectro is organizing the training programs for students of universities, colleges, institutes etc in the following domains:

  • bullet Civil Engineering Training Programes
  • bullet Mechanical Engineering Training Programes
  • bullet Electrical Engineering Training Programes
  • bullet Chemical Engineering Training Programmes
  • bullet Calibration Training Programmes
  • bullet Food Technology Training Programmes
  • bullet Instrumentation Training Programmes
  • bullet Microbiology Training Programmes
All these training chapters are exclusively designed for extended practical knowledge and hands on experience on the over edge technology. The Duration of the programmes generally varies from 2 weeks- 6 weeks. The audio- video sessions, inductions, Assignments, expert lectures and seminars are some of the highlights which are been conducted.

Spectro owe a team of B.Tech’s, PhD’s, IIT’s, MBA’s and other university graduates who guide the trainees in respective expert areas and the highly experienced Analysts and Technicians provide the practical training and hand on exposure to equipments.

Benefits from Technical Training Programme to Students

The Training by means of summer training, industrial training, onsite training etc has always been beneficial in order to encourage the Job Prospects for individuals. Some of the key benefits enjoyed by such trainings are:-:

  • bullet They can get exposure in real world environment and in respective fields
  • bullet Develops confidence in whatever they learn.
  • bullet Master your technical skills.
  • bullet Greatest way to stretch your mind and enhance your business.
  • bullet Builds, promote and enable leadership in yourself.
  • bullet Gains sound appreciation and understanding of theoretical principles
  • bullet Enhance knowledge of students on different cutting edge techniques.