Analytical Instruments Testing Series-Training on LC-MS Triple Quad

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry is one of the most precious tools. Its high sensitivity and selectivity has enhanced its value for being used in several industries. It is well-suited for carrying out analysis of large, ionic, polar, non-volatile and thermally unstable compounds. Spectro offers a wide platform to get training on this valuable instrument. A mass spectrometer combined with a liquid chromatograph can detect masses characteristic of a compound. A complete detailed description of the instruments, along with its theory and technique to use their accessories is given.

Aim of the Program:

The program aims at providing a complete know-how of the instrument. Spectro provides training on LC-MS/MS (6410/Agilent Technologies) according to the specified protocols, design of Single Quadrupole, Triple Quadrupole, Data acquisition and Data Quantization. A detailed discussion on General Software and Hardware, System Evaluation and Building Methods is carried out.

Minimum Eligibility Required The trainee must hold a Diploma or Graduation Degree in Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Training Module for 6 Days

Day 1
Introduction to LC-MS, Theory of Single Quadrupole, Triple Quadrupole, System overview & Ionisation sources, detectors, Collision induced Dissociation, Solvents, buffers & additives used in LC-MS.
Day 2
Tuning and Calibration, Product Ion Scan, MRM Method and HPLC Method.
Day 3
Method Development & Optimization, Introduction to acquisition Software, Worklists.
Day 4
Introduction to Qualitative Software, Quantification Basics, Sensitivity & Linearity of Agilent Triple Quadrupole.
Day 5
Advanced Quantification, Explanation on sample preparation Techniques/ Extraction Techniques with Demonstration.
Day 6
Maintenance of LC-MS and Troubleshooting covering the problems relating to Detector, Column, Fittings, Pumps, Mobile Phase, Tuning, Nebulization etc..

Advantages of the Training Program:

LC MS is an instrument which has a wide scope in industries which manufactures or deals with drugs, dyes, food and dairy products, etc. The training is profitable for those individuals who are willing to enter these industries.

Please Note:

  • bullet The certificate will be provided only after clearing a test
  • bullet We also conduct customized training programs on request.