Insulating Oil Testing

Oil in the type of insulating and cooling oil is used in transformers and electrical equipment which need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure that the oil is fit for the purpose it is used for. The quality of the oil being used tends to deteriorate with time.

Spectro provides testing services for insulating oils in accordance with several national and international standards like ISO, ASTM, IS, etc.

Tests for Insulating Oils:

Chemical Parameters

  • bulletWater content
  • bulletAcidity
  • bulletSludge Content

Physical Parameters

  • bulletInterfacial Tension
  • bulletViscosity
  • bulletFlash Point
  • bulletPour Point
Electrical Parameters
  • bulletDielectric Breakdown Voltage
  • bulletDissipation Factor
  • bulletSpecific Resistance

Insulating oils plays two major roles; as a coolant and as an insulator. By carrying out testing of insulating oils, the loses in its cooling and insulating properties can be traced which damages the system. Worst cases may include catastrophic failures resulting in transformer catching fires. Testing helps extends life and proper function of the system or equipment.