Air Pollutants and Respiratory Morbidity

Air Pollutants which is one of the most common problems affecting the Health & Environment is spreading at a very large scale all over the world. The major consequence of Air Pollution which can be seen includes Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion and Acid Rain. Air Pollution is the major cause of most of the Respiratory disorders.

Particulate matter Road dust, construction, combustion, burning fossil fuels, exhaust from Power Plants Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD, Acute changes in Pulmonary function, Premature death, etc..
Sulfur dioxide Burning coal and oil in power plants, exhaust from manufacturing processes for chemicals, paper, etc. Chest constriction, Headache, Vomiting, Respiratory ailments, irritation to eyes, nose and throat
Nitrogen dioxide Automobile, Gas Stoves exhaust, Industrial and Kerosene heater Cough, Respiratory infections, short of breath,
Carbon monoxide Burning coal, automobile exhaust, furnaces, heaters Headache, reduction in Oxygen carrying capacity
Benzene Paints, new carpets and drapes Headache, eye and skin irritation, fatigue, cancer
HydroCarbons Tobacco smoke, gas burners, furnaces, etc. Fatigue, Nausea, breathing problems, headache & dizziness
Ammonia Tobacco smoke, cleaning supplies, litter boxes Eye & skin irritation, headache, nose bleeding, Sinus problems
Chloroform Upholstery fabrics, paints, etc. Asthma, dizziness, eye irritation, skin irritation, headache
Formaldehyde Tobacco smoke, plywood cabinets, furniture, office dividers, new carpets, wall papers, panels Eye and skin irritation, headache, respiratory problems, depression, cancer, gynecological problems
Green House Gases Burning fossil fuels, exhaust from automobiles Leads to diseases that are related to temperature or by damage to land & water
Lead Power plants, industries, automobiles, old pipelines Dangerous to children, heart attacks & strokes.