Hydraulic and Gas Engineering

1 ft.=12 inches=305 metres, 1 metre=3.28 ft.=39.87 ins.
1 cubic foot=6.25 gallons=28.2 litres=.0283 cubic metres
1 cubic metre=1000 litres=220 gallons=35.32 cubic feet
1 gallons=277.27 cu.ins.=16 cu. ft.=4.543 litres=.004543 cu.in
1 litre-.001 cubic metres*.035 cubic feet=.22 gallons
1 cubic foot of water weights 2205 lb.=220.5 imperial gallons
1 gallons of water weight 10 lb. petrolium 82 lb./gallons.
1 ton of water=35.9 cu.ft=244 imp.galls=1000 litres(app)
1 ton petroleum 275 imperial gallons.
1 litre of water weight 1 kilogramme=2.204lb
Density of water-62.4 lb./cu ft.gm./ cu.cm.
Density of Oil-50 lb. lb.cu.ft.=0.8 gm./cu. cm
Density of Air 0.078 lb. cu.ft.=0.00125 gm./cu.cm.
1 United States gallons=3.8 litres. 1 litres 264 U.S. gallon
1 Cubic foot of water=7.476 United States gallons
Pressure of atmoshphere=14.7 lb per Square inch
Pressure in lb.per sq.inch=head of water in feet.*.424
Head i feet=pressure in lb.. per sq.inch*2.31
300 lb./in2 working pressure=700 ft.head=20 atmos. or 21 kilos/sq.cm
The quantity of water in cub.ft./min. flowing through a pipe at the rate of 3 feet per second in found approximately by squaring the diameter of the pipe in inches.
1 brake horse power=33,000 ft.lb. per min=550 ft, lb.per sec
1 forcede cheval=75 kilogrammeters per sec=542.5 ft.lb./sec.