Fume Exhaust System – Testing & Validation Services

Routine testing & validation of the Fume Exhaust System has now become mandatory so as to meet industrial regulation for ensuring safe, clean & Healthy environmental conditions. Regular evaluation of these systems ensures effective removal of dust & contaminants which may lead to diseases to those who work in close proximity to harmful working conditions.
Fume/Smoke Exhaust Systems are used in laboratories & industries in order to control pollution, reduce noise, prevent re entrainment in the working environment. The system is used as a ventillation device to remove dust, smoke & contaminants occurring during various lab/industrial processes.

SPECTRO’ Fume Exhaust Testing Services

Spectro conducts testing of fume systems as per industrial & regulatory standards such as OSHA,ANSI,NFPA,BS,ISO etc .Our testing services covers the testing & evaluation of:-

Fume Ex system

DOP Testing of Fume Exhuast Filtration System
DOP Test helps in evaluating the filter performance & quality. Generally DOP Test makes use of Photometric detection method in order to study the size & amount of particulates using a smoke injector .The measurement is carried out on the downstream of the filtration system for the validation of complete filtration system efficiency.
Particle Count Measurement
The system should be monitored continuously at regular intervals to maintain an aseptic environment. The system is monitored for particles to ensure that the limit of interventions/deterioration in the conditions do not exceed the permissible limits. The measurement is conducted using particle counter at Suction, Exhaust etc
Face Velocity
The face velocity can be defined as measurement of the speed at which laboratory air enters a fume hood system face opening. The velocity should be adequate i.e. it should not cause excessive turbulence. This helps determining the of system efficiency & effectiveness