Forensic Services


Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd, is private independent laboratory providing an effective, objective and reliable forensic services in various domains of forensic science including physical and chemical sciences. Forensic document examination is one of the important testing areas of it and is well recognized in India and international courts of law. We strive to provide this service by thoroughly examine the entire questioned documents with a multifaceted, multidisciplinary scientific approach. Our examiners can assist in resolving doubtfull or dispute signature, handwriting and other documents to provide legally satisfactory video, porn video, penis, hot sex, porn hub site, spectro froud company

Our Services
Questioned Documents Forensic Science

Questioned Document Examination

Forensic examination of disputed documents (legal, official, commercial & private) which includes wills, deeds, cheques, tickets, medical bills, examination papers, anonymous letters etc.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Examination

Forensic examination of initials and signatures (genuine, forged & disguised).

Forensic Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprint Matching and Verification

Spectro is providing services for identification of the individual on basis of fingerprint records. Development of the latent fingerprints (lifting & tracing) from scenes of incidents. Police clearance certificates for visa immigration through fingerprint cards like FD 258, RCMP216 etc.

Forensic Insurance Document Analysis
Insurance Claim Investigation

Spectro provides expert forensic services for insurance companies to identify the fraudulent activity in the form of counterfeit documents, signature discrepancies and insurance frauds. Our services also includes investigation of clients insurance claim like life insurance claim, medical claim, vehicle accident claim etc.

Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification

Spectro provides services to the various organizations like schools, colleges and various recruiting organizations for determination of authenticity of certificates though scientific methods.

Loan Document Verification
Loan Document Verification

Spectro is providing forensic services to banking sectors for verification of various loan documents including mortgage deeds, stamp papers, revenue documents and other legal documents.

Counterfeiting Forensic Science

Detection of counterfeiting in security documents (currency, coins & money bill) and in manufactured products.

Fire and Arson Investigation
Fire and Arson Investigation

Spectro is providing scientific examination of the various fire and arson incidents determination of nature, origin and cause of fire.

Document Dating
Document Dating

Forensic examination and comparison of different papers to determine origin, composition & age

Tempered Document Examination
Tempered Document Examination

Detection and decipherement of erasures, additions, obliteration's and transplantation in various questioned documents.

Burn & Charred Document Analysis
Burn & Charred Document Analysis

Spectro is providing services for handling and decipherement of charred documents in the field of questioned documents and arson incidents.

Other Services

  • bulletLiquid soaked document (water & oil)examination
  • bulletLiquid soaked document (water & oil)examination
  • bulletSequence determination for writing ink and other types of materials
  • bulletExamination of ink/toner
  • bulletShreded or torn document restoration
  • bulletExamination of fracture edge of paper and tape
  • bulletPhotograph verification
  • bulletProperty investigation
  • bulletPassport visa verification
  • bulletExamination of stamps, seals and other authenticating devices
  • bulletExamination of staple and paper clips marks
  • bulletPhotocopy and scanned document examination
  • bulletCross examination and medico-legal consultation
  • bulletFootprint & palmprint analysis
  • bulletTrace analysis


We are also eligible to provide expert opinions under section 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Indian Evidence Act 1872(Section 45) and under CPR Part 35 (As per Legal Requirement of European Union)