Electro-Technical Calibration Services

The Electro-Technical Calibration Services are one of the most trusted and credible service offered by Spectro which is helping us to compete in the world market. We keep on upgrading our facilities and accept the use of most advanced technologies and best equipments to maintain our status. We provide a wide range of facilities in this field to meet the requirements of National and International Standards. The calibration we carry out further ensures the first-rate performance of the product. We are working for several industries which include engineering, chemical, pharmaceuticals, equipment manufacturing, telecom, etc. The experts in our laboratory are well trained and stringent environment conditions are maintained in order to have accurate results.

The lists of Instruments- we possess with their services provided:

  • bulletUniversal Calibrator for Voltmeter, Ammeter, Resistance Meter, Micro Ohmmeter, Insulation Tester, Digital Multimeter upto 5 digit, Clamp Meter, Resistance Boxes, Oscillator, Temperature Controller
  • bulletDigital Multimeter for Voltage Sources, current sources, resistance sources
  • bulletClamp meter for Current up to 1000 A
  • bulletHV probe and Digital multimeter for High voltage tester etc.
  • bulletLCR meter for Decade Inductance box, Low range resistance boxes and Capacitance
  • bulletDecade Inductance Box and Standard Capacitance Box for LCR meter
  • bulletSound calibrator for Noise level meter
  • bulletMili volt Temperature Calibrator