Electrical and Electronics Equipment

Spectro Analytical Labs is the leader in the testing of products for manufacturers and retailers around the Country. Our strength is in helping clients reduce their time to market so that they may increase their revenue potential.
Our network of testing experts and state-of-the-art testing laboratories will provide you with the guidance and services you need to sell your products worldwide.
Electrical cables and Wires
We provide complete testing of electrical and electronic products. This ensures customers are able to comply with the widest range of international standards and end-user requirements.

General Products and Materials

  • bulletElectrical cables
  • bulletOptical fiber cable
  • bulletPVC insulated High voltage cables (1100 V, 3.3 KV to 33 KV, 66 KV)
  • bullet 120 KV Low voltage cables(220 V to 440 V)
  • bulletCross linked polyethylene cable
  • bullet Heavy duty cables 1100 V

Routine Test in electric cables & wires

  • In electric cables
  • bulletPhysical test for insulation and sheath
  • bulletOverall Dimensional test
  • bulletCopper and Aluminium purity test
  • bulletAnnealing test for copper conductor
  • bulletTensile strength for Aluminium conductor
  • bulletWrapping test for Aluminium conductor
  • bulletConductor resistance test
  • bulletHigh Voltage test
  • bulletInsulation resistance test
  • bulletHeat shock test
  • bulletLoss of mass test
  • bulletShrinkage test
  • bulletWater absorption test
  • bulletStripping test
  • In Optical fiber cable
  • bulletPhysical dimensional test
  • bulletAttenuation loss test
  • bulletCrush resistance
  • bulletTensile proof test
  • bulletColor of fiber

Special test in electric cable

  • bulletCold Bend test
  • bulletCold impact test
  • bulletFlammability test
  • bulletAgeing test(Insulation and Sheath)
  • bulletAccelerated ageing
  • bulletThermal stability test
  • bulletOxygen Index Test
  • bulletVisibility due to smoke Test
  • bulletSmoke Density Test
  • bulletToxicity Index Test

Standard Test Methods

  • bulletIS 694
  • bulletIS 7098 Part 1,2,3
  • bulletIS 5831
  • bulletDIN 72551
  • bulletBS 6500
  • bulletIS 10810 all Parts
  • bulletIEC 60793 Part-2