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Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetics being those substances which are basically used to alter the appearance and odor of a human body require much more concern towards quality, safety and performance. Beauty products or cosmetics are a mixture of various chemicals sourced from nature or may be prepared artificially. FDA defines cosmetics as those products which are intended to be applied on human body for cleaning, beatifying, promoting attractiveness without affecting the structure of the body or its functions.

Spectro is an independent and self-reliant test house which is well-equipped to serve its customers best of the services to analyze the raw materials as well as products to reduce the risk related to product safety. We offer testing services as per different test methods specified in ASTM, ISC, FDA, EPA, BP, etc.

When it comes to cosmetic products, safety is the most important concern a consumer has desire for. Testing of product is just one step that keeps a check or reduces the risk and ensures the safety of the cosmetic product, hair and skin care products as well as the toiletries. Spectro takes care of all these products which are part of everybody’s daily life that include, body polishers, perfumes, lotions, creams, soaps, detergents, shampoos, cleansers and several others.

Regulations are now more strengthened because these products pose high risks to the health of the consumers. The products need to be up-to-date when they are launched into the markets and must be committed to quality and safety.

Having a team of expert analysts and professionals, Spectro offers proven expertise in cosmetic testing field to check the quality,safety and performance of a particular product and safeguard a brand. We check the compliance of personal care products against the applicable cosmetic regulations and several other relevant legislations which include hazardous substance, REACH, environmental standards, etc.

Spectro Conducts Various Tests on Cosmetics, Some of them include:

  • bulletPreservatives Efficacy Analysis
  • bulletICH Stability Studies
  • bulletCosmetic Labeling Analysis
  • bulletMicrobiological Compatibility Testing
  • bulletHeavy and Toxic Metal Testing
  • bulletChemical Stability Testing
  • bulletDurability Testing
  • bulletContaminants Analysis
  • bulletBiological Testing
  • bulletAntimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
  • bulletRadio-Labeled Product Release Testing
  • bulletPreservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
  • bulletPathogen, TVC, Endo-toxin Testing
  • bulletDetermination of ingredients
  • bulletPhysical characteristics
  • bulletMigration
  • bulletPerformance testing (lab tests, consumer panels)
  • bulletToxicology testing/Toxicological Risk Assessment
  • bulletEcotoxicology and biodegradability testing
  • bulletPackaging testing