Corrosion Testing Training Program

Corrosion is a phenomenon which results in the oxidation of a material when it gets exposed to the environment. It damages the quality, durability and life of the material due to moisture and other prevailing weather conditions. The materials that undergo corrosion are generally polymers, metals, alloys, etc.

Spectro is playing a vital role in organizing training programs on Methods of Testing Corrosion which helps the trainee to enhance his practical and theoretical knowledge completely.

Aim of the Program:

The Training Program covers a broad range of applications and requirements of the customer by making use of the state-of-art engineering materials, techniques and instruments that are required for testing and investigating services. The main objective to carry out this training program is to describe what Corrosion is, its types, causes and consequences. The methods to prevent and treat corrosion are explained in detail. We provide correct guidance that helps to acquire better knowledge and enhance decision-making processes. Minimum Eligibility Required The trainee must hold a Diploma or Graduation Degree in Science field or must be pursuing the same.

Training Module for 6 Days:

Day 1
Introduction to Corrosion and its different types
Day 2
Introduction to Pitting & Crevice as per ASTM & IS Standards.
Day 3
Explaining Corrosion in carbon steels, copper and aluminum alloys.
Day 4
Tests for Intergranular Corrosion in stainless steels.
Day 5
Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test
Day 6
Sulphide Stress Corrosion testIdentification of Material chemically and by FTIR.

Advantages of the Training Program:

This training program is beneficiary for those who want to mark their presence in the industries which relates to the manufacturing of materials by using metals, minerals, alloys, etc. as raw material in which corrosion is an important parameter to be studied.

Please Note:
  • bulletWe also conduct customized training programs on request.
  • bullet The certificate will be provided only after clearing a test