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Chemical Testing

Spectro has developed a versatile platform, where broad range of testing services is being offered. We have established an independent laboratory for carrying out Chemical Testing which includes trace analysis, research, synthesis, identifying contaminants, product development, inspection and many others. Our Chemists are expertise in determining the chemical composition, purity, toxicology, material verification, troubleshooting, quality control, elemental analysis, etc. We serve a number of industries who are working with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, textiles, cosmetics, etc.

Our Chemical Testing Lab is fully furnished with all the modernized equipments and instruments which help our Analysts and Chemists to perform even the most complex analysis. We carry out both the qualitative and quantitative analysis and provide complete information about the sample under test.

By offering a complete solution and support to manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of consumer goods we assure them of the quality of their products. Our world-class services are accurate, reliable, error free and reproducible.

Some of The Materials We Test:

The Major Instruments & Equipments We Possess:

  • bulletICP-OES
  • bulletICP-MS (Agilent)
  • bulletFTIR (Perkin Elmer)
  • bulletAAS
  • bulletXRD
  • bulletWD-XRF
  • bulletXRF (X Strata)
  • bulletStrohlein Apparatus for Carbon & Sulfur Content
  • bulletElectrolysis Apparatus