Inspection Service Laboratory in Delhi, India


Moving with the consistently escalating global economy, the demand for safety, quality and reliability are preeminent because the industries endeavor to fulfill the expanding demands for protected and viable sources of energy.

Spectro has been providing unbeaten Inspection Services for various fields like Food & Agriculture, Coal & Mineral, Textile, Metal Scrap, etc., Technical Auditing, Site Construction Auditing, Third Party Inspection and various others. By making use of our services, you can be sure with the quality of your valuable products, processes and your equities as well. Our services help to curtail the faulty products in order to lower the customer’s objections.

A promise to perceive and meet the customer’s requirements lies in the heart of what we do. With our well trained and skilled staff, we are fit to reach on the site wherever you percolate from. The trader and distributor are generally at a great distance from where the manufacturing of their products are being carried out. Although the remote communication has done considerable advancements, still there is no alternate to inspect the manufacturing processes at the local level.

By utilizing the services offered by a reliable and autonomous inspection service provider like Spectro, you can instill the ability to diagnose and control the issues related to quality of your products.

Inspection Services