Welded Structure Analysis

Spectro serves inspection and consultancy facilities for the welded structures to meet the requirements of their esteemed customers. The testing is carried out at every stage starting from the designing stage to the production stage of a material. The test we conduct can be considered as the only source of Welding Engineering. We offer the best flexibilities to suit the customer's demand by cost effective methods. Spectro has a team of skilled and well-experienced personnel to carry out testing on Welded Structures. The list of Tests we carry out is very extensive out of which some are listed below:

Initial Stage Consultancy

  • Distortion Control
  • Welding Process Selection
  • Welding Procedure and Welder Approval
  • Welded Joint Design
  • Material and Welded Structure

The Tests we Carry Out

Non Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing

  • CTOD Test
  • Fracture Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Nick Break Test
  • Micro & Macro Examination
  • Hardness pattern
  • Poisson Ratio
  • Weld Penetration
  • Impact Test

Standard Test Methods

  • ASME
  • Carrying out visual inspection and making a record of the evidences
  • IS
  • EN