Automobile Products Testing

Testing Services for Automobile Sector

Spectro is a well known name in providing testing services to automobile sector. We have been providing an unrivaled experience in our state-of-the-art laboratory which is fully equipped with all the modern instruments and equipment based on modern technology.

Failure Analysis

  • Macroscopic Inspection
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Cross- Section Analysis

Material Composition Analysis

  • FTIR
  • TGA
Molecular Structure
  • DSC
  • Molecular Weight Analysis
Physical Properties
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Hardness
  • DMA
  • TMA

Signature Testing

By carrying out Signature Test, one can repeatedly measure the spectra in accordance with custom procedures by comparing it with a reference sample. This technique is followed by various renowned automobile manufacturing companies. Signature test for polymers include 3 Tests; DSC, TGA & FTIR which are used to track the deviation in properties of a sample as compared to a reference sample.

IP Test for Automobile

Taillights, headlights, windows, Engine and its parts, pipes and valves, electronic circuits, etc.

Water Protection/ Rain Submersion

Extreme heat, cold or rain have adverse impacts on vehicles and may damage it. They penetrates heating, air inlets, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Dust Settling Method

Ingres Protection test ensures that vehicle is ready to bear dust filled environment which tends to cause problems with moving parts and absorbs water vapour.

Electrical products in automobile
  • Electrical bulbs
  • Electrical Switches
  • Electrical Sockets
  • Electrical Plugs
  • Insulating Rubbers
Special Tests
  • Vibration Test
  • Temperature & Humidity Test
  • RoHS
  • High Voltage Test

Tests for Electrical Cables

  • Effect of Heat on flexibility
  • Ozone resistance Test
  • Copper & Aluminium purity test
  • Wrapping Test
  • Bend Test
  • IR, VR Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Impact Test
  • Accelerated Ageing Test
  • Smoke Density Test
  • Limiting Oxygen Index
  • Toxicity Index
  • Flammability Testingx

Spark Test for General Wiring Cable

  • Automobile electrical horn
  • Automobile lights and signaling device
  • Electrical accessories like switches, bulbs, etc.
  • Automobile Terminal and Connectors
  • Lead acid batteries
Tests for Battery
  • Safety Tests
  • Life Expectancy and condition of battery

Testing for Electronic Products

Spectro is recognized from BIS for Safety Test Certification services for various Electronics & IT products and we have a fully equipped laboratory to conduct performance and safety test for such products which includes; Electronic music systems, Disc players, etc.

Tests for Insulating Oils

Spectro provides testing services for insulating oils which are used in transformers, power circuit breakers, load tap-chargers, resistivity, dielectric constant, dissipation factor, etc.

UV Light Exposure Tests

Metals, plastics, glass and rubber materials bear the sunlight and harsh Ultraviolet rays which poses harmful impacts on interior and exterior of an automobile. There is a great requirement to ensure durability of components to operate in such environmental conditions.

Thermography Testing

  • high temperatures, over-heating problems in cars reduces the life span of car and its components.
  • Outer body of the vehicle fades and may even corrode

Vibration Testing

  • Ensuring safety on roads and a longer, hassle-free operational life
  • Low and high-frequency vibration test
  • Endure extreme environmental conditions which may damage or lead to component failure

Impact Test

It is used to assess the degree to which an automobile part can sustain forces which leads to collisions, crashes and accidents.

Gloss Value

Automobile's metallic body is coated with illuminating paints to enhance the appearance. Measuring the reflectance of paint applied at different angles is important.

Ageing Test

  • UV ageing
  • Xenon ageing
  • Ozone ageing
  • Oil ageing
  • Accelerated ageing
Tests for Automobile Paints & Coatings

Automobile paints may include primer, ready mix paint, aluminium coating and powder coating.

  • Steiner Tunnel Test is carried out for paints and coatings to check the flame spread and smoke density in case of fire.
  • Corrosion Test
  • Composition Test
  • Weathering Test
  • Chemical Resistance Test
  • Resistance to water, lubricating oil, coolant, etc.
  • Scratch Hardness
  • Drying time
  • Opacity
Endurance Testing

It is carried out to determine whether a material can sustain the continuous expected load for an expected period of time.
Thermal Cycle Test
Thermal Shock Test
Salt Spray Test
It helps to evaluate the suitability of the protective layer on the metal surface.